COVID-19 & HIV funding opportunities

COVID-19 & HIV funding opportunities

As the COVID-19 pandemic is progressing around the world, we see more local partners being affected throughout their operations. Some governments provide emergency financial aid to those organisations hit severely, especially if they provide an essential service to society. Unfortunately, many local governments either choose not to provide support, cannot because of low budgets or only provide limited funding that does not reach all organisations in need. Luckily, there are foundations out there that, especially in this time, provide emergency funding to programmes that suffer from the COVID-19 pandemic. Ideal applicants cover challenges that have arisen due to the pandemic with solutions for those in need. On this page, we provide an overview of all emergency funding and grants to simplify your search. 


In case there is a grant available that is not described below, please reach out to so we can include it on this page. 

Keep in mind that each available grant has requirements for applicants. We advise you to visit the pages below to access the selection criteria, timeline and full application details. 

Overview of COVID-19 & HIV funding

  • A collective of partners | The Global Resilience Fund for Girls and Young Women
  • ViiV Healthcare | HIV & COVID-19: RFP on research projects 
  • Elton John AIDS Foundation | COVID-19 Emergency Fund 
    • Application open to organisations that provide solutions to people living with or at severe risk of HIV/AIDS and who are now at risk due to the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Access info and criteria here
  • OutRight Action International | COVID-19 Global LGBTIQ Emergency Fund
  • Gilead | CARES Grantee Fund
  • Share-net | Small Grants Call 2020 
  • Urgent Action Fund | Rapid Response Grants 
    • Application open to women and trans human rights defenders/activists or organisations led by women or trans activists 
    • Access info and criteria here
  • Women's Peace & Humanitarian Fund | The WPHF COVID-19 Emergency Response Window
  • Frontline AIDS | The Rapid Response Fund 
    • Applications open to civil society organisations that are led by or work with, LGBT people and/or men who have sex with men (MSM)
    • Access info and criteria here 
  • | Emergency grant 
  • Frontline Defenders | Protection grants 
  • Funders for LGBTQ Issues compiled a list of rapid response and emergency funds for LGBTQ organisations addressing COVID-19 (focused on the United States). Access the list here

More on COVID-19 and HIV

The COVID-19 pandemic is strongly affecting the HIV response. Local and regional partners face increased difficulties to reach their communities in need. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Visit our COVID-19 page to learn how the AIDS response is affected and working in the current circumstances. uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.