Each day, 269 children die of AIDS. Each week, more than 4800 young women under 25 years become infected with HIV. The risk of acquiring HIV is 21 times higher for sex workers. Worldwide, only 75% of people living with HIV are accessing treatment.

Our generation has the ability to stop one of the largest epidemics in history in its tracks. The time to break down persistent barriers that hinder worldwide prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS is now.


A glimpse of Aidsfonds' priorities:

Gender equality and HIV: Learn how to develop a gender transformative approach in HIV programming. Access the renewed Big Picture guide filled with approaches, exercises, case studies and loads more. Download guide

Universal Health Coverage: Wish to learn what this is about and how it will boost the HIV response? Visit our UHC page

Communities first

Directly supporting communities that are at the highest risk of HIV infection is the most effective approach. When communities have space, capacity, and resources to mobilise, great strides can be made. Communities themselves hold governments accountable, remove barriers to HIV prevention and treatment, fight injustice and inequalities, and ensure the most vulnerable groups are included in the HIV response. Invest in communities now! The communities covered in our work are children, LGBT people, people living with HIV, people who use drugs, sex workers, women, and young people. 

woman mobilizing her community

News & Stories

Stay updated on all news and learn about the impact of our work via stories

News 01 August 2023

#MyHealthMyRights: advocating for a healthy world for all

With the upcoming UN High-Level Meeting on UHC 2023, this year is all about Univ...
News 26 July 2023

Uniting against the growing anti-gender & anti-rights movements in Africa

Resilience & Solidarity: uniting against the growing anti-gender & anti-...
News 25 July 2023

Changing paediatric HIV services - Eight years of experience from Uganda

It takes a village, the community to raise children. The Towards an AIDS Free Ge...
News 03 August 2023

Webinar: Kids to Care Toolkit launch

Are you working in paediatric HIV programming and do you want to implement a com...

5 strategic goals

The focus on the most affected people and communities is the core of our work. Together we work towards 5 long-term goals to achieve a world without AIDS by 2030.

Highlights from our work

To end AIDS we find bold solutions with and within local communities, we work on the basis of what has been proven effective in the AIDS response, we advocate worldwide to keep AIDS high on the political agenda and fund research towards the ultimate goal: a cure to HIV. Find here some highlights of what we do.

Bloom project

Young mothers living with HIV experience the burden of double stigma. This preve...

Paediatric HIV Breakthrough Partnership

The Breakthrough Partnership is a 3 year commitment to end paediatric HIV in reg...

Love Alliance

The Love Alliance, a new five-year programme (2021-2025), is based on an unwaver...

Hands Off II: reducing violence against sex workers

Building on the success of the first phase, Hands Off 2 (2019-2026) actively col...

Knowledge & learning

We are happy to share what we learn. Use our knowledge on innovative projects, evidence-based methods, data-informed programming and pioneering scientific research. Explore best practices, toolkits, publications and more, all available for download, and let's accelerate the HIV response together.


Wish to learn more about Universal Health Coverage? Visit our new UHC page now

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The Kids to Care Toolkit

Are you working in paediatric HIV programming? The Kids to Care Toolkit might be...

Tiwale - Rising out from the shadow of HIV

Tiwale: A comic book for reducing self-stigma among young people living with HIV...

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