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Story 21 November 2018

Finally this is happening

Earlier this year a workshop took place to set out a way forward for KY-PLUS,&nb...
Story 08 November 2018

I will be part of beating HIV

"When I was four, my father died. And I became sick when I was seventeen. A clas...
Story 08 November 2018

A better chance to say no

“I was afraid of HIV. At a young age I saw the pain my sister went through unt...
Story 08 November 2018

Dismantling the barriers to HIV testing and treatment

The challenges Kenya faces In Kenya, 1.6 million people are living with HIV. ...
Story 08 November 2018

I expected him to die anytime

“My son, Kizza, dropped out of school a year and a half ago. He was sick and I...
Story 24 October 2018

A referral from the community health worker saved Bright`s life

Bright is 6 years old. His mother died in 2016 leaving him with his father Pasca...
Story 02 October 2018

We convinced Jariah to get back in care

“Jariah deliberately refused to take drugs for two months. She did not underst...
Story 04 September 2018

Differentiated service delivery for adolescents

Young people's lives are not orientated to attending health services, so health ...
Story 29 August 2018

I have no hesitation

As chairperson of the HIV association in Bishan Guracha, Ethiopia, Aregash was t...
Story 29 August 2018

"We build minds"

"Before Aidsfonds came to Bishan Guracha our community based organisation did no...
Story 29 August 2018

I will be able to continue my business independently

Tigist is 34 years old. She lives with three of her children in Bishan Guracha, ...
Story 28 August 2018

I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the chance to change our lives

I wanted to give my two young boys the best life I could, but I felt I was faili...
Story 28 August 2018

No matter what anyone thinks I believe I am blessed

Primrose’s mother did not wake her up to give Primrose her pills. She thought ...
Story 28 August 2018

I want to be the greatest nurse ever

Melody found out about her HIV status through blood transfusion at school. If yo...
Story 28 August 2018

You are living your life for the best of yourself

Cathy was someone who was respecting her body. She was shocked to see herself HI... uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.