2024 Call for Proposals: HIV Cure

A scientist in protective gear analyzes samples in a high-containment lab, visible through a safety glass window with warning signs.
Last updated on: 23 April 2024

For the first time Sidaction and Aidsfonds are pleased to jointly launch a call for scientific proposals on the theme of HIV CURE with an overall budget of 2 million euros.

This initiative, the fruit of an unprecedented collaboration between the two organisations, aims to mobilise researchers from France, the Netherlands and African countries around this crucial issue for global health. The goal of this ambitious initiative is to foster collaboration between researchers, institutions, and communities, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and collaborative research on the cure for HIV.

With this call, we aim to fund research ultimately leading to biomedical breakthroughs, social acceptance of cure interventions and promotion of an HIV cure available to the maximum of people living with HIV worldwide.

The call is open to projects including in silico, in vitro, pre-clinical, social, economic, or clinical research. Interdisciplinary and collaborative research is encouraged. Larger projects (>300k EUR) should be multidisciplinary (combining basic, translational, and/or social research) and ideally integrate multi-country collaborations.

How to apply

To apply you must submit a letter of intent describing the background, objective, design and relevance of the project to the HIV Cure. This letter must be written according to this template and sent exclusively to aps@sidaction.org.

All information can be found in the full call for proposals document.


Submission of Letters of Intent: 16th June 2024
Evaluation of Letters of Intent: June 2024
Announcement of pre-selected projects: July 2024
Submission of full proposals: 26th September 2024
Selection of winning projects: November 2024
Announcement of winners: December 2024


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