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Story 18 November 2021

For young women, the ring should be for free

We don’t know what the other person is doing but I can protect myself, we ca...
Story 17 November 2021

We can co-create and come up with solutions

"They can identify issues affecting them. It can be issues of gender inequality,...
Story 10 November 2021

I can really measure my impact

24-years-old Jerop Limo from Kenya dedicates her life to motivating her peers in...
Story 28 September 2021

Interview: the road to affordable HIV medicine in Indonesia

Over the past decade, there has been a significant increase in access to lifesav...
Story 10 September 2021

"It is in our hands to set the stage for paediatric Dolutegravir!"

An inspiring interview with Kenyan HIV activist Jacque Wambui about the approval...
Story 29 March 2021

Measuring Up: Learning from practice: Planning, monitoring and evaluating HIV-related advocacy

The complexity of advocacy programs makes it challenging to design rob...
Story 21 December 2020

Our youth club decided to be different

Chigwirizano youth club in Malawi has its community at heart; it engages in a nu...
Story 11 December 2020

Protecting the right to health for marginalised people during COVID-19

Blog by Marielle Hart, Head of Policy US at Aidfonds ...
Story 30 November 2020

The young people challenging child marriage in Indonesia

In May 2019, advocacy from a coalition of community organisations, including PIT...
Story 09 November 2020

Honing communications skills to change hearts and minds

In 2020, a group of young Kenyans from the non-governmental organisation Ambassa...
Story 27 October 2020

How sex workers in Mozambique made their voice heard

Until recently, sex workers in Mozambique have struggled to access decision-maki...
Story 30 June 2020

Arising anew from the Y+ Summit: the story of Samanya Ibrahim

By PITCH partner Uganda Network of Young People Living With HIV& AIDS (...
Story 27 February 2020

PITCH partners in strong drive towards sustainability

In January 2020, partners in the Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect t...
Story 13 February 2020

How a growing civil society coalition in Indonesia is changing attitudes

When debates on amending Indonesia’s century-old penal code began gathering pa...
Story 13 February 2020

PITCH Uganda: Raising voices, gathering evidence

When social norms around age and gender make it difficult for adolescent girls a... uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.