Mitina, business woman liquid soap

Mitina, business woman liquid soap

In this vlogumentary we follow Mitina, a 19-year-old mother of two who is trained under the Sparked Women project in Uganda to become a micro-entrepreneur. We follow her journey in 5 vlogs by Lydia and Angel as she grows her business, overcomes challenges and experiences the impact on her life and that of her community.

We see how Mitina now benefits from sustainable income and self-confidence, enabling her to take less risks when it comes to HIV prevention and to access health services when needed.

Mitina Mitina

Meeting Mitina

Vlog 1 - Mitina ploughs in people’s gardens for very little money and is struggling to make ends meet. Afraid of losing her partner she did not manage to insist on HIV testing together. Mitina felt worthless when he abandoned her after she refused abortion of her second child. She felt relieved when she tested negative. Meet Mitina!

Mitina learns to make liquid soap

Vlog 2 - A friend who attended the Sparked Women training, taught Mitina how to make liquid soap. She realized this skill would help her survive. With a small starting capital borrowed from her mum she walks long distances trying to sell her soap. Does she manage to find her first customer?

Booming business and better health for Mitina

Vlog 3 - For the past three months Mitina has made liquid soap and sales are great. She does not spend a day without selling soap. Even when she stays at home people come to buy. What decisions is Mitina now able to make regarding her health and safe sex?

Mitina, say yes or no and mean it

Vlog 4 - For all issues concerning her health, Mitina consults her mum who is a community health entrepreneur. She gets counselling on how to protect herself from HIV. What does her mum advise Mitina when it comes to having sex and HIV testing?

Mitina passes on her skills

Vlog 5 - What makes Mitina happy is that she has been able to pass on her skill to other girls in her community. What motivates her is that she also want them to be independent in making better health choices. And her own liquid soap business? Community members keep on saying “that girl’s soap is the best and washes clothes perfectly”, which gives her great joy. What are Mitina’s next steps in running her business?

The vlog team The vlog team

The vloggers

Four ambitious and talented girls have been trained as vloggers for this project. Meet the vlog girls

Mitina's journey in 3 minutes

In case you lack time to watch all: this vlog summarizes Mitina's five vlogs in less than 3 minutes. We follow her as she grows her business, overcomes challenges and experiences the impact on her life and that of her community. uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.