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Access a new edition (2020) of the Big Picture now! Use this guide as your 'how-to' guide for developing a gender transformative approach in HIV programming. 

Gender inequality, resulting in discrimination and violence, is a root cause of the HIV epidemic worldwide. Taking a gender transformative approach will make HIV programming more effective. In the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, the world has committed to ending all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere. Us, at Aidsfonds, strive to work for a gender-equitable world and therefore provide this guide to all parties ready to join us. 

The time is now to stop gender inequality being a root cause of HIV infections - for women and young girls worldwide!

We need your help 
It's our goal to equip as many people as possible with the tools to end gender inequality. We need your help to spread this guide. How can you do that? 

  • Go through the guide and see where you can implement approaches inside your organisation's programmes
  • Share this guide with your network on social media 
  • Raise awareness for gender equality and HIV by sharing your own successes on social media using the hashtag #GenderEqualityandHIV 
  • Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on our successes using this approach 
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