Youth brand B-wise is built around the Stepped Care Model for Sexual Health adapted to the South African context. It organises and improves existing SRHR services and information both on and offline. So young people can easily get reliable answers to all their questions, in ways they prefer.

Launched in 2015, B-wise is led by the South African National Department of Health. In 2020 the opportunity opened to revitalize B-wise to expand reach and improve engagement on the platform. The internet connection for online services is at no financial costs due to a partnership with the major Telecom providers in the country.

Time frame

2019 – 2022


Young people


South Africa

“B-wise is zero-rated. This means you'll be able to access the website on your phone even if you don't have data”
Mathume Joseph Phaahla Deputy Minister of Health in South Africa


In South Africa, adolescent girls and young women aged 15-24 years, face a disproportionate burden of HIV, high rate of unplanned pregnancies, high incidence of gender-based violence and a growing burden of mental health issues.

Young people have different kinds of issues, problems and information needs when it comes to sexual and reproductive health. Some may be helped by reading a self-help online article, watching an instructional video, or taking an online risk assessment. Others could benefit from a phone call with a peer support group or online chat with a health professional. Still others may prefer a physical examination or long-term treatment from a licensed doctor. Different services need to be provided to meet the different needs of young people.


B-wise aims to become the most trusted, personalised and engaging source of SRHR health information for adolescents and youth in South Africa, with the objective to:
– Decrease new HIV infections among young people
– Decrease teenage pregnancies, in particular those under 18 years
– Increase retention of adolescent girls and young women in schools
– Decrease sexual and gender-based violence
– Help young people have better mental health outcomes

The Stepped Care Model

Logo Stepped CareThe Stepped Care model for sexual and reproductive health provides a non-judgmental approach that is person-centred and responsive to the needs of young people, at the lowest possible cost.

It is a robust digital health ecosystem facilitating collaboration among stakeholders and integrating online and offline services for young people. Services that are non-judgmental and support all young people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability. Delivered just the way young people like it.


Discover the Stepped Care Model


Building upon more than 10 years of expertise of Stepped Care in the Netherlands with youth brand Sense, more brands are currently implemented internationally besides B-wise: One2One in Kenya, Vibrações in Mozambique, and Tanya Marlo in Indonesia.

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Nine months in operation, bwisehealth.com had received 400,000 visitors and 2,8 million page views. Most popular topics:


I got enlightened by B-Wise that one can have an HIV-positive partner and be negative. I asked them for the nearest clinic that offers PrEP and I got it.

– Cassie (20)

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If a young woman knows what her options are and she has good information about those options, she can make incredible decisions for her future

– Doctor We, obstetrics and gynaecology, and Doctor Chelsea, community service worker, about the value of B-wise

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