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Logo One2OneThe One2One website as part of the broader Stepped Care model contains sex-positive, pleasure-based information, tips and personal stories young people can relate to. It is interactive and provides a platform to refer young people to additional services that meet their needs. The website was collaboratively developed by LVCT Health and Aidsfonds with a joint vision: all adolescents and young people are free and able to make informed decisions that lead to healthy and happy lives in love, relationship and sexuality.

One2One is a trademark under LVCT Health in Kenya since 2006 when the organisation initiated a confidential and non-judgmental youth hotline providing quality information on HIV and SRHR. In the past years the youth brand expanded its communication channels with social media among others and currently integrates a website that was launched in 2021.

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2019 – 2023


Young people


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Sexuality education at school is mostly limited to biology. Services are not youth friendly or young people depend on their caregivers to be allowed to get services, because of age of consent. This hinders young people’s access to sexuality education and uptake of treatment to stay healthy.

At the same time, they have different kinds of issues and information needs when it comes to SRHR and HIV. Adolescents and young people in Kenya have a right to information and services accessible in a platform that is safe and conducive for them to pursue their goals and aspirations in life.


This project aims to improve health and wellbeing of adolescents and young people in Kenya by taking a stepped care approach that:

  • provides HIV, SRHR and gender-based violence information
  • provides online and offline psychosocial support
  • provides virtual capacity building resources to peer educators and other community-owned resource persons for effective peer education
  • promotes utilization of One2one digital platform
  • enhances the capacity of One2one digital platform to provide e-health solutions

We literally save lives with the One2One telephone line.

Lilian on the phone

Lilian Kunyiha (29) works with the One2One helpline, she supports young people dealing with HIV and sexual health issues and questions.

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One2One Stepped Care was recognised in the WHO- Technical brief April 2023 (Strategic action 7: Embracing a systems perspective can help to reinforce responsive health systems in the face of unanticipated disruptions and shocks- case study) .


In 2023:

  • On the One2One webpage 170 human interest stories and 659 articles have been published
  • The webpage reached 631,000 users of which 121,000 from Kenya
  • 43,944 young people reached out to the One2One helpline for professional advice and counselling
  • 209,341 young people received SRHR information via SMS. Via diverse social media One2One content was 3,463,243 times displayed


The Stepped Care Model

The Stepped Care model for sexual and reproductive health provides a non-judgmental approach that is person-centred and responsive to the needs of young people, at the lowest possible cost.

Logo Stepped CareIt is a robust digital health ecosystem facilitating collaboration among stakeholders and integrating online and offline services for young people. Services that are non-judgmental and support all young people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability. Delivered just the way young people like it.

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Building upon more than 10 years of expertise of Stepped Care in the Netherlands with youth brand Sense, more brands are currently implemented internationally besides One2One: B-wise in South Africa, Vibrações in Mozambique, and Tanya Marlo in Indonesia.

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