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News 08 December 2021

Vacancy: Business Developer

We're looking for an outgoing Business Developer with an entrepreneurial spirit,...
News 07 December 2021

Love Alliance Global Advocacy Strategy: Speak out for Health & Human Rights

Love Alliance is committed to protecting, promoting, and fulfilling SRHR globall...
News 06 December 2021

Leave No One's Health Behind: Self-care as a key component of health systems for all

News 30 November 2021

COVID-19 increases inequalities in the HIV response

The COVID crisis is having a devastating effect on the global response to HIV. T...
News 29 November 2021

The Unknown Impact of Dutch Development Funding: Over 40 Million Lives Saved

Over the past twenty years, an estimated 44 million lives have been saved with, ...
News 29 November 2021

Love Alliance: What does love mean to you? Love letters for change!

All too often, we do not hear from those people who matter most. They are being ...
News 23 November 2021

Love Alliance event at ICASA 2021: Speak out for health and human rights!

From 6-10 December, the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICA...
News 18 November 2021

Plea to EU: Renewed commitment to end AIDS by 2030 is needed

News 18 November 2021

Terms of Reference: Consultant Zambia Sex Workers Alliance

Aidsfonds and ZASWA are seeking a technical expert to identify opportunities for...
News 17 November 2021

The Love Alliance: Three calls for proposals 2022-2023

The Love Alliance, a new five-year programme (2021-2025), is based on an unwaver...
News 17 November 2021

What is the Aidsfonds’ youth approach about?

Self-care has the power to increase people’s autonomy over their health. Havin...
News 15 November 2021

New project enhances self-care of young people living with HIV

Together with young people living with HIV networks Y+ Global, Y+ Kenya, Y+ Mala...
News 15 November 2021

Terms of Reference: Implementation of the hosting toolkit

The Southern African Sex Workers Alliance (SASWA) and Aidsfonds are looking for ...
News 15 November 2021

Terms of Reference: Capacity strengthening assessment Mozambique

The Hands Off programme team is looking for an experienced consultant who will s...
News 11 November 2021

For all that is love, Aidsfonds’ new strategy launched

We strive for a world where people no longer die from AIDS and where everyone en...

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