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News 13 June 2022

Call for consultancy: Develop the Kids to Care Toolkit

Aidsfonds is seeking a consultant to develop the Kids to Care toolkit which will...
News 07 June 2022

Vacancy: Team Leader Children, Youth & Women team

For our Children, Youth, Women team, we are looking for a Team Leader. ...
News 03 June 2022

Zimbabwe and South Africa first in approval of Dapivirine Vaginal Ring

Zimbabwe and South Africa are now the first African countries to introduce the D...
News 03 June 2022

“We see young people getting their hope for the future back”

Under its Together We Stay On project, ADPP in Mozambique applies a successful a...
News 03 June 2022

Tiwale: A comic book for reducing self-stigma among young people living with HIV

Comics have the potential to entertain, educate, connect and inspire many people...
News 02 June 2022

You(th) Care: a new self-care youth programme

Aidsfonds’ most recently kicked off project in regards to youth is Youth Care ...
News 02 June 2022

Stay On - sustaining successes for the next decades

Are we equipped to retain all people living with HIV in care in a sustainable wa...
News 31 May 2022

Consultancy: Love Alliance’s Gender & Youth Inclusion Working Group Facilitation

The Love Alliance partners are looking for a consultant who can work with a youn...
News 30 May 2022

How the Global Fund supports the continuity of life-saving services in Ukraine

Eastern Europe and Central Asia is the region of the world where HIV acquisition...
News 30 May 2022

Call for Consultancy: HIV and SRHR policy analysis Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia

Aidsfonds and the You(th) Care consortium are seeking to recruit a consultant to...
News 18 May 2022

Call for consultancy: Capacity strengthening of Sisonke Botswana

Aidsfonds and Sisonke Botswana organisation are seeking a technical expert to id...
News 16 May 2022

How is the Global Fund advancing human rights?

On the occasion of International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism a...
News 10 May 2022

The power of linking – results from a paediatric HIV exchange visit

To ensure that no child will be left behind in the health system, learning from ...
News 14 March 2022

Aidsfonds Joins Giro555 for Emergency Aid to Ukrainians with HIV

People living with HIV in Ukraine, and those fleeing from the conflict, urgently...
News 09 March 2022

Whatever It Takes to raise at least $18 billion for the Global Fund

The Global Fund launched its 7th Replenishment Investment Case in February 2022,...

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