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News 27 August 2018

Call for proposals - Improving treatment and care for children living with HIV

Aidsfonds is pleased to announce its 2018 Call for Proposals: Improving treatmen...
News 02 August 2018

“We felt the urgency to act – MaxART introduced an innovative approach”

Two questions for Peter Ehrenkranz, US Centers for Disease Control and Preventio...
News 02 August 2018

“MaxART fits perfectly into DreamFund’s objectives”

The Dutch Postcode Lottery is the main funder of our MaxART programme. Margriet ...
News 02 August 2018

Near an HIV free generation? It's happening in Eswatini

In 2011, we had a big dream: to ensure immediate access to ART for all people li...
News 29 July 2018

25% increase in Robert Carr Fund envelope

News from AIDS2018: 25% increase in Robert Carr Fund envelope enhancing support ...
News 25 July 2018

Children living with HIV: a global priority

According to the most recent UNAIDS figures only half of all children living wit...
News 19 July 2018

Together we can reach a cure! - Call for proposals

Public-Private Partnership Call for Scientific Research towards HIV-Cure. Findin...
News 13 July 2018

Workshop: Effective community engagement

How communities and health facilities can jointly improve eMTCT and paediatric H...
News 18 June 2018

Latest e-news: Economic empowerment and HIV

This edition of the Aidsfonds newsletter is about economic empowerment. It is re...
News 07 June 2018

"I knew they need love to fight on"

As a child Evelyne Nambozo wanted to work with people living with HIV because sh...
News 07 June 2018

Economic empowerment and HIV

It is recognised that HIV prevention and treatment efforts require not just a cl...
News 07 June 2018


The 22nd International AIDS Conference will be hosted in Amsterdam, Netherlands ...
News 07 June 2018

Fast Forward Award 2018 Nominees!

Fast Forward Award 2018 Nominees! Aidsfonds believes communities should be pu...

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