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News 28 November 2019

PITCH at the largest AIDS conference in Africa

During the upcoming ICASA conference in Kigali, Rwanda (2-7 December), PITCH wil...
News 28 November 2019

National advocacy platform for YPLHIV launched in Mozambique

One of the key challenges affecting young people in Mozambique is HIV. They are ...
News 27 November 2019

Successful lobby in Indonesia cuts HIV medicine price in half

Through collaborative efforts and successful lobby, our partner Indonesia AIDS C...
News 26 November 2019

New UNAIDS report 'Power to the people'

On 26 November 2019, in the running towards World AIDS DAY, UNAIDS publishe...
News 19 November 2019

What works to reduce violence against sex workers?

What works to reduce violence against sex workers? What should you pre...
News 31 October 2019

Marking 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence? Share your activities!

Once again, individuals and organisations around the world will stand up against...
News 31 October 2019

Governments and multilateral donors speak out on the role of communities in UHC

A reflection by Marielle Hart and Wanja Ngure of PITCH Global leaders gathere...
News 28 October 2019

Health GAP and Aidsfonds join forces for community-led paediatric HIV advocacy

The time to tackle the paediatric HIV crisis is now. Health GAP and Aidsfonds ha...
News 23 October 2019

Statement of support with HIV2020 - Aidsfonds

Aidsfonds works towards the end of AIDS in a world where all people affected by ...
News 23 October 2019

Are you planning to attend ICASA2019 in Rwanda?

We will be pleased to meet you there! So we can link up, learn from each other a...
News 23 October 2019

Action meeting on paediatric HIV care in Mozambique

Last month, Aidsfonds and Positive Action initiated a strategic planning and act...
News 17 October 2019

Lillian Mworeko wins CHANGE Courageous Changemaker Award

"This award is dedicated to all women in their diversity, that wake up each day ...
News 10 October 2019

Yplus Beauty Pageant 2019 kicks off with first auditions in Central region Uganda

Starting out the Yplus beauty pageant with an audition that slapped. Take violen...
News 10 October 2019

The Netherlands is cutting back on its contribution to the Global Fund

In the coming years, the Netherlands will cut back on the budget for the fight a...
News 08 October 2019

Without a strong Dutch commitment, we won’t win the fight against AIDS

This week, world leaders are invited by the French President Macron to pledge th...

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