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News 10 April 2020

How to tell children the truth in a child-friendly way?

"It’s incredibly important to explain children about HIV in an understandable ...
News 01 April 2020

Appeal: The COVID-19 crisis requires national ánd international solidarity

In a joint statement, 40 Dutch development, human rights and emergency organisat...
News 31 March 2020

Transgender people around the globe step into the limelight

Today on the 31 March, transgender people around the globe step into the li...
News 26 March 2020

Changing the Narrative: UNPYA Y+ Summit

Blog by Babirye Mary Rio, Program Officer/Communications and Public Relations Of...
News 23 March 2020

Communities first in the global COVID-19 response

Our thoughts are with all the people across the world who are affected by the CO...
News 18 March 2020

Answers on COVID-19 and HIV medication

The new coronavirus COVID-19 raises many questions, also concerning HIV, HIV inh...
News 08 March 2020

Renewed Big Picture is out now (2020)

Access a new edition (2020) of the Big Picture now! Use this guide as your 'how-...
News 03 March 2020

New video on community advocacy

Community advocates have changed the HIV and AIDS response worldwide and continu...
News 27 February 2020

8 Days for Gender Equality Campaign

For 8 days, from Zero Discrimination Day (1 March) to International Women's Day ...
News 24 February 2020

Cost-effective mental health interventions for YPLHIV in Southern Africa

Mental health gets more and more recognized as a critical precondition for young...
News 24 February 2020

Dazzled to find out we also have sexual rights

Magret is a young Malawian and active member of a youth club. Although the youth...
News 20 February 2020

New pilot: large-scale online evidence collection supports advocacy

Aidsfonds and Y+ Kenya have started a pilot project with Upinion, a social enter...
News 20 February 2020

Youth-led networks lead change – achievements of 2019

Young people in Mozambique who established a joint platform to align their advoc...
News 17 February 2020

New: Thandizo mobile app supports young people in taking HIV treatment

For many reasons it’s challenging for young people living with HIV to adhere t...
News 17 February 2020

Young people launch #READY4UHC campaign

Universal health coverage (UHC) aims to ensure that all people receive essential...

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