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News 30 June 2020

How to use the UPR for successful HIV advocacy

Engaging with the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) might sound daunting to many H...
News 24 June 2020

ViiV Healthcare announces FDA approval of first-ever dispersable HIV medication

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Tivicay PD, a dolutegra...
News 18 June 2020

Consultancy: Hands Off II needs assessment in Zambia

We are looking for an experienced research consultant from Zambia who can c...
News 15 June 2020

Impact of Aidsfonds COVID Response Funding in Uganda

“Our main goal is to retain mothers and children in HIV care amidst COVID-19 c...
News 11 June 2020

Call for proposals: advocacy tools development

We are looking for a consultant that can support the PITCH programme with the de...
News 02 June 2020

PITCH in 2019: A decisive year for change

We are proud to share the key successes and learnings from the penultimate year ...
News 29 May 2020

Love Alliance: New strategic partnership gets green light

On Friday 29 May, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the new st...
News 28 May 2020

Why trans youth voices matter in conversations around UHC

The READY4UHC campaign featured a twitter chat to raise awareness around th...
News 19 May 2020

COVID-19: 4 ways to keep gender in focus

Written by Roanna van den Oever, Aidsfonds and Luisa Orza, Frontline AIDS COV...
News 15 May 2020

WHA should put people and all health needs at the center of COVID-19 response

Written by Marielle Hart - Head of Policy US at Aidsfonds This year, the 73rd...
News 12 May 2020

COVID-19 could lead to 500,000 extra AIDS-related deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa

Due to the impact of corona on healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa, half a million ...
News 30 April 2020

Why this year’s May 17 theme ‘Breaking the silence’ rings truer than ever

Joel Bedos, international coordinator of the International Day Against Homophobi...
News 28 April 2020

Why Bill Gates is wrong to draw down HIV to support COVID

‘The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is taking away funding from HIV and m...
News 22 April 2020

Job opening: Communication Expert for Hands Off II programme

Aidsfonds is looking for a communication expert (4 hours a week, freelance is po...
News 10 April 2020

Call for proposals: Research partner for the Hands Off II programme

Aidsfonds seeks an experienced research partner for the Hands Off II longitudina...

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