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News 04 August 2020

Delivering vital medication by bicycle

“I used to get calls: ‘Peter, help me out, Peter help me out’. So to the n...
News 30 July 2020

Violations of sex workers human rights during lockdowns

The Mozambican National Sex Work Platform, a sex workers-led initiative represen...
News 30 July 2020

HIV2020: join our session on community advocacy

Join PITCH partners in an interactive session at HIV2020 and find out ...
News 30 July 2020

Call for proposals: campaign consultancy

The Bridging the Gaps alliance is seeking a consultant to develop a new campaign...
News 27 July 2020

EMA adopts first-ever vaginal ring for HIV prevention

The European Medicines Agency has given a positive scientific opinion on the mon...
News 23 July 2020

What needs to change in the EU’s Gender Action Plan

The EU is about to release its third Gender Action Plan (GAP III) – a policy t...
News 23 July 2020

“This is to increase the spread of the virus if awareness is not intensified”

“Community members have now relaxed when it comes to COVID-19; they are not fo...
News 23 July 2020

Grandmother stays resilient despite COVID-19 challenges

The pandemic have greatly affected 67-year-old Namusoke Scholastic, who lives in...
News 22 July 2020

Facilitation of expert clients to follow up on ARV adherence during COVID

Being the eldest and a bread winner of a family of eight, 26-year-old Prossy fro...
News 15 July 2020

#OurLivesMatter – effectively addressing expired ARV supplies

Adolescents and young people living with HIV in Kenya used social media to succe...
News 14 July 2020

Consultancy: Hands Off research assistants training in Zambia

For the Hands Off needs assessment we are looking for an experienced consultant ...
News 14 July 2020

Self-care at AIDS2020

'We need to start making self-care famous, to not only benefit the individual bu...
News 13 July 2020

KidzAdherence Clubs, a successful virtual AIDS2020 workshop

As part of AIDS2020, Zoë-Life an organisation from South Africa, facilitated a ...
News 08 July 2020

HIV2020 opening interview GNP+ and Dutch Minister Kaag

During the HIV2020 opening session, Sigrid Kaag, Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade...
News 07 July 2020

UNAIDS report shows global 2020 targets not met

The global AIDS response is facing a major setback. Over the past five years the...

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