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News 03 March 2020

New video on community advocacy

Community advocates have changed the HIV and AIDS response worldwide and continu...
News 27 February 2020

8 Days for Gender Equality Campaign

For 8 days, from Zero Discrimination Day (1 March) to International Women's Day ...
News 24 February 2020

Cost-effective mental health interventions for YPLHIV in Southern Africa

Mental health gets more and more recognized as a critical precondition for young...
News 24 February 2020

Dazzled to find out we also have sexual rights

Magret is a young Malawian and active member of a youth club. Although the youth...
News 20 February 2020

New pilot: large-scale online evidence collection supports advocacy

Aidsfonds and Y+ Kenya have started a pilot project with Upinion, a social enter...
News 20 February 2020

Youth-led networks lead change – achievements of 2019

Young people in Mozambique who established a joint platform to align their advoc...
News 17 February 2020

New: Thandizo mobile app supports young people in taking HIV treatment

For many reasons it’s challenging for young people living with HIV to adhere t...
News 17 February 2020

Young people launch #READY4UHC campaign

Universal health coverage (UHC) aims to ensure that all people receive essential...
News 03 February 2020

It shows they don't know how to deal with young people

“Unbelievable how much we have in common!” Joy (19) from Nigeria and Brenda ...
News 30 January 2020

PITCH in 2020: continue to advocate for laws and policies grounded in health and human rights

Reflections on the year ahead by Mark Vermeulen, Executive Director Aidsfonds, a...
News 23 January 2020

Winnie Byanyima (UNAIDS Director) at the World Economic Forum 2020 on needed action

This week, at the World Economic Forum 2020 in Switzerland, Winnie Byanyima, UNA...
News 02 January 2020

Aidsfonds funds six HIV Cure projects (€1.5 M)

A cure for HIV is the dream of millions of people with HIV. However, before a cu...
News 23 December 2019

Consultancy: communications for advocacy trainers

PITCH is looking for trainers that will strengthen the capacity of civil so...
News 20 December 2019

Wake up, our children are dying: launch of Kigali declaration

Health GAP, together with Aidsfonds, GNP+, Réseau Grandir Ensemble, Coalition P...
News 19 December 2019

Blog: "Wake up! Our children are dying!"

On December 3, I express my passion for children living with HIV as a true activ...

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