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News 26 March 2019

ARISE! New programme on children and HIV

A healthy future for 3000 children living with HIV in Western Kenya. That’s wh...
News 18 March 2019

Shattering the myths around ‘universal’ health coverage

As many countries move towards universal health coverage (UHC), Aidsfonds Direct...
News 18 March 2019

Healthy Entrepreneurs among top 30 WHO Africa Innovation Challenge

The World Health Organisation Regional Office for Africa (WHO AFRO) has selected...
News 13 March 2019

Scale up work on children and HIV hugely supported in technical consultation

40% of children on ART in 2017 were on adult formulations. 50% of the children o...
News 12 March 2019

White House proposes dramatic cuts in global health spending

The White House released its preliminary fiscal year 2020 budget request today, ...
News 12 March 2019

Historic court case in Botswana on decriminalization of homosexuality?

Not only in Kenya discriminatory laws are being challenged, also in Botswana the...
News 06 March 2019

Peter Sands' pledge for Global Fund at Dutch parliament

Today, Peter Sands, the Global Fund’s director, spoke with Dutch Parliamentari...
News 05 March 2019

Seeking a young mother to be global ambassador

Are you a young mother, aged 18-21? Are you living with or affected by HIV? Are ...
News 05 March 2019

Two people may be cured of HIV

For the first time, there are several people who may have been cured of HIV. Thi...
News 04 March 2019

Nigerian government accepts needle exchange pilots starting 2019

In January, Rita Musa, the secretary of the Drug Harm Reduction Advocacy Network...
News 04 March 2019

The launch of Frontline AIDS

After 25 years on the frontline of the HIV response, the International HIV/AIDS ...
News 04 March 2019

PITCH partner in Uganda shares lessons on 90-90-90 in global journal on HIV and AIDS

PITCH partner Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) has written a paper that got publi...
News 04 March 2019

Civil society organisations in Uganda secure closer involvement with UHC implementation

At the start of February, civil society organisations in Uganda successfully lob...
News 28 February 2019

'During election time, organisations like us always become a target.'

On the morning of 15 January 2019, the office of PITCH partner OPSI (The Indones...
News 27 February 2019

A story of change: Zimbabwean sex workers advocate for their rights

This story of change describes how the Zimbabwean sex worker community unified t... uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.