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News 19 February 2024

Vacancy: Senior Project Officer Youth

The International Department is responsible for funding community-led action to ...
News 24 January 2024

5 reasons why the Netherlands should support LGBTIQ+ people worldwide

More and more countries worldwide are introducing anti-LGBTIQ+ laws. Criminalisa...
News 22 January 2024

Consultancy: HIV cure, Prevention & Vaccine R&D investment fund

Terms of reference (ToR) for a contractor to develop and prepare for a donor rou...
News 17 January 2024

Vacancy: Senior Project Officer (EECA)

The International Department is responsible for funding community-led action to ...
News 20 December 2023

Pre-announcement call for proposals: HIV cure and remission

Sidaction and Aidsfonds are pleased to pre-announce the launch of a joint call f...
News 15 December 2023

CSO statement: MFF mid-term revision agreement

Brussels, 15th December: Today 26 EU leaders agreed a revision to the EU’s lon...
News 14 December 2023

Aidsfonds part of top 20 HIV-related Philanthropic Funders in 2021

Funders Concerned About AIDS (FCAA) released the report 'Philanthropic Support t...
News 12 December 2023

Open Letter: European Union Leaders Must Step Up Funding for Global Action

For the past months, we have closely followed the negotiations of the revision o...
News 11 December 2023

HIV Tribunal Kenya: Defending the rights of people living with HIV

A couple of months ago, we were in Kenya for the annual meeting of GFAN, the Glo...
News 11 December 2023

Consultancy: Baseline assessment Bringing Kids to Care

Aidsfonds is seeking a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning consultant to conduct...
News 07 December 2023

MyChamp: champions for sex workers' rights in Southern Africa

In most countries, sex workers are being criminalised. They are being stigmatise...
News 07 December 2023

Report launch: human rights violations against sex workers in Southern Africa

During the 16 Days of Activism, the Hands Off programme is releasing its yearly ...
News 29 November 2023

The adolescent girls & young women who turn the tide against HIV

Between 2010 and 2021, new HIV infections in adolescent girls and young women dr...
News 27 November 2023

Discriminatory laws cause rise in violence and HIV

Since the most far-reaching anti-LBGTIQ+ law was introduced in Uganda, violence ...
News 27 November 2023

Aidsfonds at ICASA2023

Aidsfonds is back at ICASA, the largest AIDS conference in Africa where inn...

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