The adolescent girls & young women who turn the tide against HIV

The adolescent girls & young women who turn the tide against HIV

Between 2010 and 2021, new HIV infections in adolescent girls and young women dropped by 40% worldwide. But these infections are still five times higher than internationally agreed-upon targets. In parts of Africa, young women make up 25% of new HIV cases, even though they're only 10% of the population.

Adolescent girls and young women driving change

What needs to be done to bend the curve is well known, and includes investing in education, sexual and reproductive health and rights along with ensuring that services are youth-friendly. To turn the tide, we also need to change the harmful gender norms that limit adolescent girls and young women’s ability to protect themselves or seek the services they need. 

The creation of HER Fund stemmed from the understanding that to drive meaningful change, adolescent girls and young women must have a say in decisions that impact their lives. They possess invaluable insights into their community's needs, effective programmes, necessary policy changes, and legal reforms, and they are well-connected with their peers. They have a voice, and that voice needs to be heard.

HER Fund harnesses this wealth of knowledge by supporting AGYW in developing the skills needed to actively contribute to the changes they aspire to see. For World AIDS Day, we've reached out to the 13 HER VOICE ambassadors asking them to share the difference the HER Voice Fund is making in their lives, and far beyond.

Video: what the ambassadors have to say

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The Fund is managed by the Global Network of Young people living with HIV (Y+ Global) on behalf of the Global Fund and ViiV Healthcare.

The European Commission invested last year a historic €715 million in the Global Fund. This support enables programmes like the Her Voice Fund, in alignment with the EU’s Gender Action Plan that prioritises the participation and leadership of girls and women. In the face of a growing anti-gender movement, these investments and alignments are crucial, and should be further reinforced including through the Team Europe Approach. The leadership shown by the current European Commission needs to continue under the future leadership. We cannot afford not to fight back, through all the means - policy, funding - that we have, and must provide these amazing change-makers the support they need to make change happen. uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.