Pleasure-based, youth-friendly website about love and sex launched in Kenya

Pleasure-based, youth-friendly website about love and sex launched in Kenya

As from February 26, 2021, young people in Kenya can access a brand new and unique website: One2One. It offers anwers to questions young people have about sex, love and relationships, in a sex-positive, pleasure-based, and comprehensive way. Part of a broader Stepped Care Model, the website was developed by LVCT Health and Aidsfonds.

What is the One2One website?

What to expect when I’m having sex for the first time? When should I test for HIV? What are the different types of sex you can have? What if I fall for girls, boys or both? One2One doesn’t shy away from any topic when it comes to love, sex, relationships, abuse, HIV and mental health.

Meant for young people aged 10 to 25 in Kenya, the website contains sex-positive, pleasure-based information, tips and personal stories young people can relate to. It is interactive and provides a platform to refer young people to additional services that meet their needs. This makes One2One ‘not just another website’.

Homepage One2One website
Home page impression of the One2One website

One2one is life changing as you might find information about personal things that have been bugging you - Mercy (22)

Why a One2One website?

For young people, it’s often difficult to get sexual and reproductive health information and products. Sexuality education at school is mostly limited to biology. Services are not youth friendly or they depend on their caregivers to be allowed to get services, because of age of consent. This hinders young people’s access to sexuality education and uptake of treatment to stay healthy. At the same time, young people have different kinds of issues and information needs when it comes to SRHR and HIV.

The website is an important first step within the stepped care model to reach many young people and serves as a platform to refer them to other existing services to meet their more complex needs.

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Impression of the One2One website: Making out, what is it?

Who has developed One2One

One2One is a trademark under LVCT Health in Kenya since 2006 when the organisation initiated a confidential and non-judgemental youth hotline providing information on HIV and SRHR. In the past years the youth brand expanded its communication channels with social media among others and currently integrates the new website.

The One2One website as part of the broader Stepped Care model was collaboratively developed by LVCT Health and Aidsfonds with a joint vision: all adolescents and young people are free and able to make informed decisions that lead to healthy and happy life in love, relationship and sexuality.

Aidsfonds was excited to be the technical and financial partner who worked alongside LVCT Health to build the One2One website, whereby young people’s input was incorporated throughout the web development process.

screenshot of One2One website on mobile
Impression of the One2One website on mobile

The website is educational. It teaches us about sexual health, relationships and more - Francis (18)

One2One is Stepped Care

The Stepped Care model for sexual and reproductive health facilitates self-care by connecting young people to the different services that directly meet their needs. A web-based platform serves as an entry point to provide youth-friendly, quality information. From this point, digitally-delivered personalized information guides the individual to tailored advise and refers them to additional online and offline services according to their needs.

Aidsfonds & Soa Aids Nederland have introduced and developed the Stepped Care model in the Netherlands around the youth-brand Sense. Building upon 10 years of experience from this brand, Aidsfonds has taken the initiative to scale the model internationally, currently contextualizing the model in Kenya and South Africa.

Screenshot of One2One website
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