Pre-announcement call for proposals: HIV cure and remission

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Last updated on: 13 March 2024

Sidaction and Aidsfonds are pleased to pre-announce the launch of a joint call for scientific proposals for the year 2024, aimed at accelerating advances in HIV cure research. This unprecedented collaboration between the two organisations aims to mobilise researchers from France, the Netherlands and African countries around this crucial issue for global health.

Be part of an initiative that could transform the lives of millions of people living with HIV. Together, let’s mobilise science for an HIV-free future.



The aim of this initiative is to foster collaboration between researchers, institutions, and communities, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and collaborative research on the cure for HIV. Selected projects should ideally combine basic, translational, and social research, while integrating multidisciplinary and multi-country collaborations.

The HIV epidemic continues to have a tremendous impact on global health. While we have made enormous progress in making antiretroviral therapy available to many people living with HIV, we are still not capable of eliminating infection. Consequently, people with HIV must commit to expensive, lifelong therapies; continuous monitoring; and they face drug toxicities and chronic immune activation. There is thus an urgent need to develop safe, affordable, and globally accessible curative strategies to end the HIV epidemic. Also, we need to ensure that Africa, the continent where most people with HIV live, is not left behind in this line of research.



Eligibility criteria

  • Academic or community researchers active in France, the Netherlands or African countries are eligible
  • The active participation of HIV-affected communities at all stages of the research process is encouraged

Submit a non-binding expression of interest



Application process phases and preliminary timelines

  • (Current) pre-announcement of call for projects: December 2023
  • (Non-mandatory) Expression of Interest via this page: January 2024
  • Publication of the definitive call text: February 2024
  • Mandatory submission of Letters of Intent: May 2024
  • Evaluation of Letters of Intent: June 2024
  • Submission of full proposals: September 2024
  • Review and selection of applications: November 2024
  • Announcement of awarded projects: December 2024




For 2024, a total budget of 2 million euros is available. We expect to fund 3 to 5 projects, favoring large-scale proposals, preferably with research collaborations between France, the Netherlands and sub-Saharan Africa.

We aim to announce selected projects in December 2024, providing an opportunity for projects to get underway quickly. This ambitious approach reflects our commitment to innovation and rapid research in the HIV response.



Expression of interest

At this time, we invite you to submit a non-binding and non-mandatory expression of interest for your innovative ideas. Receiving your expression of interest (by completing the questions below) at an early stage of the application process will help us with the planning of the rest of the application and the review process. Your expression of interest will also help us to plan for physical and/or digital workshops.

We aim to publish the final call text on our websites in February 2024. This publication will then mark the start of the 2-stage submission process, that starts with the submission of a mandatory letter of intent. Letters that are be positively reviewed will be invited for a full proposal submission.

Be part of an initiative that could transform the lives of millions of people living with HIV. Together, let’s mobilise science for an HIV-free future.

Together, towards an HIV-free world.

Submit a non-binding expression of interest