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News 14 March 2023

Consultancy paediatric HIV projects: research and report writing

We are looking for a consultant to support us with the documentation of the impl...
News 13 March 2023

Successful last year pilot programme Thandizo: Results 2022

Results from the final year of pilot project Thandizo shows increased adherence ...
News 08 March 2023

International Women's Day: Love Alliance Statement

Love Alliance is an international partnership working towards a world where the ...
News 23 February 2023

Interview: The decrim Bill gives us the power to practice our rights

After a decades-long lobby of thousands of activists, decriminalisation of sex w...
News 09 February 2023

Consultant Vacancy 'Stay On' Project

Aidsfonds is looking for a consultant to document the successful approaches to s...
News 06 February 2023

Interview: Data collection advances advocacy for sex worker rights

'Documenting human rights violations is a powerful tool used to inform strategy ...
News 23 January 2023

Interview: Theatre is a powerful way to promote sex workers’ rights

Combining sex worker rights advocacy and theatre might be new in South Africa bu...
News 23 January 2023

Interview: This Bill Says Sex Workers Are Human Beings

The South African government says decriminalising sex work will help to break do...
News 15 December 2022

Report launch: "Decrim of sex work is about human rights"

“We marched [in Mozambique last month] because 14 sex workers were murdered. W...
News 13 December 2022

Consultancy Opportunity: Love Alliance Mid-Term Review

Aidsfonds, on behalf of the Love Alliance, is seeking an external, independent e...
News 12 December 2022

Universal Health Coverage Day: A Healthy Future for All!

Today is Universal Health Coverage Day, where we look forward to a healthy futur...
News 06 December 2022

Story: Cleo on changing the transgender perception in Uganda

Cleopatra Kambugu made two very bold decisions that not only changed her life bu...
News 28 November 2022

Interview: "We need justice regardless of what policies say"

"There is high need for sex workers to organise themselves in a bid to speak in ...
News 28 November 2022

Interview: "We are not criminals, but we continue to be treated as such"

Laws are supposed to protect people. But they can also do much harm. This is par...
News 25 November 2022

Criminalisation of people living with HIV & Key Populations is a form of violence – End Bad Laws

This year, as part of the International 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based...

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