To reach the ultimate goal – an end to AIDS by 2030 -  Aidsfonds has set three dream goals we strive to achieve as an organisation in the coming years.

No more deaths from AIDS and no new HIV infections

We have all the tools to ensure that people living with HIV can live a healthy and long life. Inequality, stigma, criminalisation and discrimination stand in the way of access to good prevention, treatment and care. We are working hard to remove these barriers. We can only achieve this by working  intensively with the people and communities are most affected by stigma, criminalisation and discrimination and together with governments, scientists and donors.

Sexual health and rights for all

Sex and STIs transcend all eras. Every day, 548 people in the Netherlands contract an STI. Many of them do not feel comfortable talking about it, let alone seek help, resulting in unnecessary suffering, illness and discomfort. The normalisation of STIs and combating stigma is at least as important as detecting and treating infections. This way people feel able to discuss their problems, are able to enjoy sex and get the information and help they need. That's why we go the extra mile for those communities that find accessing prevention, care and treatment difficult. We are exploring how we can apply the expertise built up in the Netherlands internationally.

A cure available for everyone living with HIV

A cure for HIV means that people no longer need to take daily medication, no longer need to receive routine checks at a hospital and that the stigma surrounding HIV disappears for good. We are confident that finding a cure for HIV is possible – even though this demands intensive research, and therefore time and money. That is why we are joining forces with top researchers, communities, other donors and anyone else who wants to support finding a cure.

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