HIV Cure

HIV Cure

We have seen HIV arrive. We want to see it go. We are confident that finding a cure for HIV is possible – even though this demands intensive research, and therefore investments. That is why we set up NL4Cure, in which we joined forces with top researchers, communities, other donors and anyone else who wants to support finding a cure.



Our 4-step approach towards HIV cure

Towards an HIV cure infographic Towards an HIV cure infographic

NL4Cure initiative

Aidsfonds is a key funder of HIV cure research. The significant investments that we have made to date, have enabled us to fund various project with the NL4Cure network. This initiative promotes a cure for HIV and consists of representatives of people with HIV, researchers from universities and hospitals, HIV nurses and doctors. We seek to link the NL4Cure network with international research activities.

Aidsfonds will continue to support research lines that have already been developed and that are promising, but we also give innovative high-risk, high-gain approaches a chance to flourish. And we will continue to do by ensuring that communities are closely involved in this research, so that potential cures are available and appropriate for everyone.

Why an HIV cure?

A cure for HIV means that people no longer need to take daily medication, no longer need to receive routine checks at a hospital and that the stigma surrounding HIV disappears for good. uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.