Worldwide 3,2 million children (aged 0-14) are living with HIV, and only 762,921 of them are on treatment. This means that only 24% of the children living with HIV is actually receiving treatment. This number is shockingly lower than that for adults (38%). Without treatment, children born with HIV are particularly vulnerable; 50% of them will die before their second birthday, and 80% will die before age 5. Currently 520 children die every day of AIDS-related causes, as a result of lack of knowing their status and not receiving treatment. This needs to stop! Children are easily left behind.

Reaching all children

The role of communities in reaching all children is crucial. The story of Kizza says it all. It shows a real life depiction of what the TAFU program means for daily life of a young boy living with HIV in Uganda and his mum.

Children & AIDS e-news

This newsletter is for and by African Networks and organisations that focus on children living with or affected by HIV and AIDS. It aims to create a platform for the networks and their members to share information, best practices, tools and research. The ultimate goal is to enhance the work for the vulnerable children in Africa. Read the latest edition and subscribe for the next edition.

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