Towards an AIDS free generation in Uganda (TAFU2)

Towards an AIDS free generation in Uganda (TAFU2)


This community-based program will trace children living with HIV, who are not yet enrolled in health care or have dropped out, refer them to health centres and follow up on them after they are enrolled in care. Through community resource persons and village health teams, and using an integrated approach, we will address the barriers that are hindering children who are living with HIV access to treatment. 3600 children living with HIV will be traced and (re-)enrolled in health care as a result of the program.

Project details

Time frame
01 July 2017 - 31 December 2019
€ 1,200,000
Active in

Mubende, Mityana, Kyenjojo, Ntungamo, Soroti districts

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Reduction in new infections among children and more children enrolled and retained in treatment.

Families and Communities Empowered - communities are supportive and families take children to HIV services.

Community Structures Strenghtened - Improved coordination between Health Facilities and communities and VHTs and CoRPs.
Improved Coordination and Pediatric Service Delivery - Effectiveness studies and improved service delivery.

Community groups

Children aged 0 through 14 exposed to or living with HIV. Moreover, we target households affected by HIV for Village Savings and Loan Associations.

boy smiles into the camera


In Uganda currently an estimated 96,000 children (0-14 yrs) are living with HIV. Only 63% of these children are on treatment. On top of that many children are lost in the treatment cascade, either before or after enrolling into care. Most interventions are health facility based and do not have the capacity to reach the hard-to-reach children. These children can only be traced in the communities where they are born and cared for. The TAFU 2 program The program approach focuses on on strengthening the links between health facilities and community structures, capacitating the community groups, and thus reaching these children.

Only 63% of the estimated 96,000 children (0-14 yrs) who are living with HIV in Uganda, are on treatment.

The TAFU model

Infographic TAFU model Infographic TAFU model

Kizza's story

The role of communities in reaching all children is crucial. The story of Kizza says it all. It shows a real life depiction of what the TAFU program means for daily life of a young boy living with HIV in Uganda and his mum.

Interested to know more?

An introductory flyer of the program is available for download. For questions and more information please feel free to contact Merian Musinguzi, TAFU program coordinator at Aidsfonds or Eliane Vrolings, TAFU program manager at Aidsfonds.

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