Paediatric HIV Breakthrough Partnership

Paediatric HIV Breakthrough Partnership


The Breakthrough Partnership is a 3 year commitment to end paediatric HIV in regions most urgent. Mid-2020 it has kicked off in Mozambique, Nigeria and Uganda. Aidsfonds is partner in this ambitious collaboration formed by ViiV Healthcare Positive Action. Our contribution is to pilot and scale community responses in paediatric HIV to ensure children and their mothers have access to a comprehensive package of services to keep them healthy.

Project details

Time frame
01 August 2020 - 31 July 2021
€ 0
Active in
Mozambique, Nigeria, Uganda


1. End paediatric AIDS in priority locations through supporting the implementation of a high-quality package of sustainable and replicable interventions that is informed by the UNICEF Paediatric Service Delivery Framework.
2. Develop and amplify the evidence that a collaborative approach between national stakeholders (government, clinic and community) works and advocate for governments and other stakeholders to adopt such an approach.

Community groups

Children living with and affected by HIV and their mothers


In three Breakthrough countries we will collaborate with our valuable partners to implement the community based paediatric HIV approach. In Mozambique, we will work with N’Weti, in Nigeria with Society for Family Health, and in Uganda with the Community Health Alliance Uganda, Health Need Uganda and National Forum of People Living with HIV and AIDS Networks in Uganda (NAFOPHANU).

Together we will build upon our existing community work. Only then we ensure to find children living with or exposed to HIV and their (pregnant) mothers, test and link them to HIV care and support them to start and continue their treatment. Under the leadership of governments and together with the other Breakthrough Partners we ensure strong health and community systems linkage and joint advocacy for improved service delivery for children and their mothers.

Funded by

The Breakthrough Partnership is supported by a grant from the ViiV Healthcare Positive Action Programme. For implementation of its activities in the first two years of the partnership, Aidsfonds has received the amounts of 500,000 GBP and 633,558,32 GBP respectively.

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