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Project 10 July 2023

Bloom project

Young mothers living with HIV experience the burden of double stigma. This preve...
Project 18 September 2023

Indonesia Healthy Cities with PRIDE

Indonesia Healthy Cities with PRIDE (IHCP) aims to strengthen capacity for movem...
Project 22 April 2022

Tanya Marlo Indonesia - Stepped Care Model

To turn the tide on the rising numbers of AIDS-related deaths in lndonesia, it i...
Project 04 April 2022

You(th) Care

Worldwide, few advocacy programmes focus on fulfilling SRHR for adolescents thro...
Project 10 July 2023

Key populations in Central & Eastern Europe & Central Asia

The Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (CEECA) region has the fastest-g...
Project 07 August 2023

Emergency Support Fund for Ukraine and CEECA region

Since the start of the Russian invasion in Ukraine in 2022, we set up the Emerge...
Project 09 November 2021

EmpoweRing: Prevention by Choice

Through the EmpoweRing project we advocate for accelerated approval and uptake o...
Project 09 November 2021


There is a high need to improve treatment outcomes and quality of life for adole...
Project 07 February 2022

Vibrações Mozambique - Stepped Care Model

In this project a youth-friendly, pleasure-based website about love, sex and rel...
Project 24 August 2020

Hands Off II Sex work NSWP

The Global Network of Sex Work Project (NSWP) will support sex worker-led partne...
Project 02 April 2021

Paediatric HIV Breakthrough Partnership

The Breakthrough Partnership is a 3 year commitment to end paediatric HIV in reg...
Project 02 March 2020

Hands Off II Sex work Zambia

Not a lot is known on violence against sex workers in Zambia, which is why the H...
Project 02 March 2020

Hands Off II Sex work Botswana

To reduce violence against sex workers, Aidsfonds works together with Sisonke (s...
Project 02 March 2020

Hands Off II Sex work INERELA+

Religious leaders are in a unique position to create a more supportive environme...
Project 02 March 2020

Hands Off II Sex work Mozambique

Nearly 70 percent of sex workers in Mozambique report having experienced violenc... uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.