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Project 10 July 2023

Bloom project

Young mothers living with HIV experience the burden of double stigma. This preve...
Project 18 September 2023

Indonesia Healthy Cities with PRIDE

Indonesia Healthy Cities with PRIDE (IHCP) aims to strengthen capacity for movem...
Project 02 April 2021

Paediatric HIV Breakthrough Partnership

The Breakthrough Partnership is a 3 year commitment to end paediatric HIV in reg...
Project 11 June 2021

B-wise South Africa - Stepped Care Model

Youth brand B-wise is built around the Stepped Care Model for Sexual Health adap...
Project 11 June 2021

One2One Kenya - Stepped Care Model

The One2One website as part of the broader Stepped Care model contains sex-posit...
Project 10 April 2020


In Inhambane province in Mozambique, the HIV prevalence rate has increased worri...
Project 02 March 2020


The KidzAlive@Home project in South Africa puts the child at the centre of care....
Project 06 April 2020

Lafiyan Yara

In eight districts in Taraba state, Nigeria, this project aims to increase uptak...
Project 19 July 2018

Find, Test, Treat 4000 children living with HIV - phase 2

This programme in Zimbabwe is an intervention by SAfAIDS in collaboration with t...
Project 17 April 2018

GUSO Flexi

GUSO Flexi implements an innovative business model (Healthy Entrepreneurs) in th...
Project 06 December 2021


The Tujengane project trains community health volunteers in Kenya to become heal...
Project 17 April 2018

Towards an AIDS Free Generation in Uganda

This community-based program will trace children living with HIV, who are not ye...
Project 17 April 2018

PITCH adolescent girls and young women Nigeria EVA

In Nigeria, the policy is that HIV treatment is and must be free in public and p...
Project 17 April 2018


In Vietnam, the work on adolescent girls and young women started with a needs as...
Project 17 April 2018

PITCH adolescent girls and young women Uganda ICWEA

As part of the PITCH project in Uganda, ICWEA will build on previous work relate... uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.