Indonesia Healthy Cities with PRIDE

Indonesia Healthy Cities with PRIDE


Indonesia Healthy Cities with PRIDE (IHCP) aims to strengthen capacity for movements of young LGBTQI+ people across Indonesia to promote increased access to HIV services, reduction of stigma, discrimination, criminalisation and violence against young LGBTQI+ people, including young people living with HIV.

As part of Aidsfonds’ efforts to shift decision making to our communities, the project centres two youth-led organisations: the Youth Interfaith Forum on Sexuality (YIFoS) and the Indonesian young key populations network Inti Muda. In their role as co-leads and grant makers for the project, they are further leading a consortium of seven young LGBTQI+ and youth led organisations working on youth, SRHR, and LGBTQI-led health services in four intervention cities/areas.

The program is built on the theory of change: if the capacity of LGTBQI+ youth organisations is strengthened, discriminatory policies can be eliminated; if the quality of HIV services is improved, the health of young LGBTQI+ individuals will be better, contributing to the overall health in the areas where young people reside.

Project details

Time frame
01 January 2023 - 31 December 2025
€ 778,000
Active in

Medan (North Sumatra), Bandung (West Java), Bali, Samarinda (East Kalimantan)

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  • Access to HIV prevention, testing, treatment and adherence services for young LGBTQI+ people, including young people living with HIV, by building on existing community-led services and creating new innovative partnerships
  • Reduced inequalities, including stigma, discrimination, violence and criminalization, that hinder an effective HIV response
  • Access to resources for communities to strengthen capacity, increase access to finance, build or join coalitions and contribute to the overall HIV response system strengthening, with a focus on young people living with HIV and LGBTQI+ inclusion.

Community groups

LGBTQI+ youth, including young people living with HIV


In Indonesia, the number of AIDS-related deaths has grown by a staggering 55% since 2010. This is because only 26% of people living with HIV in Indonesia have access to life-saving treatment. HIV prevalence is very high among men who have sex with men (25.8%) and trans people (24.8%) and is rising rapidly especially among young LGBTQI+ people.

The lack of rights and meaningful involvement in service provision of young LGBTQI+ people, including young people living with HIV, hinders access to HIV prevention, testing, treatment, care and support services. Available services are not tailored to their needs, sex education is not present or limited to biology, sexual healthcare is forbidden for people below the ages of 21 years.

Furthermore, the rights of Indonesian young people with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions are constantly under attack. The new penal code, which passed in 2022, has now outlawed sex outside of marriage, de-facto criminalizing same-sex sexual activity which are further defined as immoral behaviors and social ills.

Stigma, violence and discrimination against LGBTQI+ people are rife in Indonesia. Dominant political and social discourses dehumanize LGBTQI+ people and exclude them from social life and health and HIV services.  

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