Bridging the Gaps: Zimbabwe

Bridging the Gaps: Zimbabwe


Bridging the Gaps is alliance of nine international organisations and networks and more than 80 local and regional organisations, working towards the end of the AIDS epidemic among key populations.

Supported by global and regional level work, Bridging the Gaps works with over 80 partner organisations in 15 countries in three regions:
• Sub-Sahara Africa: Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.
• South East Asia: Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam.
• Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Ukraine.

In Zimbabwe, the programme works with, and for the health and human rights of, sex workers and LGBT people, including those living with HIV.

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01 July 2016 - 31 December 2020
€ 1,127,963
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Harare, Bulowayo

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Bridging the Gaps partners in Zimbabwe work towards ending AIDS among key populations through (1) a strengthened civil society that holds government to account; (2) increased fulfilment of human rights of key populations; and (3) increased SRHR and fewer infections.

Community groups

Sex workers and LGBT people


Zimbabwe’s HIV prevalence rate is the fifth highest in the world at 15%, with an estimated 1.6 million PLHIV. The HIV epidemic is generalised and feminised, with 830,000 women aged 15 and older living with HIV. Even though the HIV epidemic is generalised, HIV prevalence among sex workers (estimated around 46.2%) and MSM (estimated around 17%) is high. However, available data is limited and actual numbers could be higher. While Zimbabwe is accelerating action and increasing investment in its HIV prevention and treatment programmes, in 2014 the government funded only 15% of the response, and relies heavily on donor funding to make up the gap. President Mugabe’s government continues to violate human rights without regard to protection in the country’s new constitution. Sex work is illegal in Zimbabwe and same-sex activities are criminalised. In addition, HIV transmission or exposure is also criminalised. It is difficult to work with key populations in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is a low-income country of 12.6 million people. Zimbabwe is one of the Southern African countries with high HIV prevalence estimated to be 15%. A total of 1,600,000 people were estimated to be living with HIV in 2014.


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Bridging the Gaps: Zimbabwe

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