Policy brief on drug policy & harm reduction in Egypt

Last updated on: 26 February 2024

The Love Alliance brings together organisations led by communities that are part of the local, national, regional and global movements of LGBTIQ+, sex worker, people who use drugs and people living with HIV. Alliance partners and Mainline developed a drug policy database, a database that contains information about drug use, harm reduction and drug policy, all in one spot. The database combines and presents existing data and gaps on drug policy and harm reduction in the ten Love Alliance focus countries. It is a valuable resource capturing essential data to strategically plan activities around people who use drugs and harm reduction in the Love Alliance countries.

The country policy briefs provide a snapshot of the database. The briefs aim to promote the realisation of health and human rights for people who use drugs in the different countries where the Love Alliance is implementing. The briefs outline the context in which people who use drugs find themselves, paying special attention to the national drug policy framework, drug use and health of people who use drugs, existence of harm reduction services and peer involvement, context of human rights, availability of care in  prisons, situation of women who use drugs, and additional social issues and inequalities. Recommendations are provided based on the data gathered and community reviews.

Find the database here!