A story of change: Joining forces to seek justice in South Africa

Hands Off
Last updated on: 27 February 2024

Aidsfonds supported the efforts of Sisonke and SWEAT to ensure that sex workers gain access to justice in spite of stigma and discrimination around their work. Sex workers have been able to make significant progress. The verdict in one case sent a clear message to clients that abusing sex workers will not go unpunished: an acclaimed artist was found guilty of murdering a sex worker, and sentenced to 18 years in prison. In a further
sign of change: the decriminalisation of sex work is on the horizon.

If you are dealing with a rape victim it is not about numbers. It is about the quality of advice and assistance. We say: This is where you need to go for that, this is the kind of support we offer. Wewill go to court and give you support through the entire process.
– External lawyer