A story of change: Creating communities of emergency responders

Hands Off
Last updated on: 27 February 2024

Read a change story on how Aidsfonds supported North Star Alliance clinics to engage with influential community members in the support of sex workers through so-called Crisis Response Teams. The approach works: sex workers feel safer and faceless violence from the community. In the last two years more than 47.000 sex workers received health care and HIV services they need.

In Victoria Falls, it has been amazing. The police department is totally our friends in the sense that they are part of the Crisis Response Team and they are also in our chat groups, they attend all our  meetings.
– North Star Alliance team member

16 Days of Activism 2021

This year, during the 16 Days of Activism, we call out to once and for all decriminalise sex work. For 16 days, we will share impactful stories and successful approaches. Join us to #DecrimSexWork now! Dive into our 16 Days of Activism stories here!