A partnership like no other: The European Commission & the Global Fund

Global Fund image
Last updated on: 27 February 2024

In 2002, in an act of extraordinary international solidarity and leadership, the world created the Global Fund, to ensure that every person living with HIV, tuberculosis or malaria receives lifesaving treatment and care.

And it was a success: the Global Fund has saved millions of lives, empowered communities, and given life prospects to people who would have otherwise been left behind. On the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Global Fund, we want to acknowledge the crucial role of the European Commission (EC) in its establishment and achievements.

Thanks to the EC’s political and financial commitment and strategic steering, significant progress has been made in the last two decades toward ending HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria. In the face of the catastrophic impact caused by COVID-19 on the fight against the three diseases, the EC’s leadership remains as critical as ever.