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We are experts and pioneers in the response to HIV/AIDS. We tirelessly seek new solutions and invest in pioneering scientific research. We mobilise politicians and Dutch society, and develop state-of-the-art interventions. Aidsfonds aims to show that what we do works. We invest in promising innovative projects and methods and share what we have learned with a broader audience by publishing reports, manuals, factsheets on the work we do and the facts we discover. Through the development of useful data tools to share ‘big data’ on the epidemic we facilitate data-informed programming in combating the epidemic. More and more data on the response to STIs is available to help us respond in a more effective way, reaching target groups with information that matches their needs. By combining epidemiological data with other information, we can have a better idea of who needs testing and where to deliver it, in order to have the greatest impact.


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Report 29 March 2021

Measuring Up: Learning from practice: Planning, monitoring and evaluating HIV-related advocacy

Inherently complex by default, when it comes to designing robust yet practical M...
Best_practice 23 March 2021

Surviving Global Fund Transition to Safeguard the HIV Response in Ukraine

As Ukraine transitions towards domestic funding and leadership of its HIV respon...
Report 04 March 2021

PITCH End Term Evaluation Report

The Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect the HIV response (PITCH) was a...
Best_practice 03 March 2021

Partnering with police to improve the lives of people who use drugs in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the Centre for Supporting Community Development Initiatives (SCDI) i...
Best_practice 26 February 2021

Building alliances to advance action on ARV stock-outs in Indonesia

Indonesian civil society organisations – including PITCH partners – joined f...
Other 07 February 2021

Bridging the Gaps - Video - "We Are Bridging the Gaps"

Bridging the Gaps is an alliance of nine international organisations and network...
Other 07 February 2021

Bridging the Gaps - Video - Youth Vision: reducing the high HIV prevelance among PWID in Nepal

Since many years, Mainline (through the Bridging the Gaps programme) supported a...
Factsheet 07 February 2021

Bridging the Gaps - Results Summary - BtG II (2016 -2020)

Sex workers, people who use drugs and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LG...
Other 07 February 2021

Bridging the Gaps - Video - 'Do The Math!' Campaign

After ten years, Bridging the Gaps is coming to an end. Together we have had a r...
Report 07 February 2021

Bridging the Gaps - End Evaluation - BtG II (2016 - 2020)

This report covers the end evaluation of phase II of the programme (2016-2020), ...
Toolkit 07 February 2021

Bridging the Gaps - Toolkit - Making the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Work For People Who Use Drugs

The goal of the report is to support the advocacy efforts of civil society actor...
Report 07 February 2021

Bridging the Gaps - Research - Examining the process and outcomes of capacity development in BtG

Over the period 2018-2019, the Alliance members, led by Aidsfonds, commissioned ...
Best_practice 07 February 2021

Bridging the Gaps - Change Story Kenya - NGLHRC

This case study was conducted by the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commi...
Best_practice 07 February 2021

Bridging the Gaps - Change Story Indonesia - Ardhanary Institute

The LGBT movement in Indonesia has experienced a government crackdown through ar...
Best_practice 07 February 2021

Bridging the Gaps - Change Story Botswana - LEGABIBO

The decriminalization of same-sex sex acts in Botswana in 2019 has created an op... uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.