Our approach

Our approach

Aidsfonds works towards: no more deaths from AIDS and no new HIV infections; sexual health and rights for all; and a cure available for everyone living with HIV.

We collectively work with communities. We do this in three roles:

As an advocate, we raise our voice and join others to move governments, scientists, and funders to improve the rights and health of communities and scale up innovative solutions.

As an expert, we work evidence-based and we built on the knowledge and experiences of communities, health professionals and the public to increase their knowledge and agency.

As an involved fundraiser & funder, we support inclusive HIV cure research and innovative community solutions.

To do all this, we connect communities, supporters, health professionals, governments, scientists, funders. In all our efforts, we focus on the difference we can make on the life of an individual and on reducing inequalities in society.

For all that is love

More about our approach, mission and goals can be found in the organisational strategy 2021-2025

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