Key populations across Uganda come together for the first time

Key populations across Uganda come together for the first time

In April, the first national meeting of the Uganda Key Populations Consortium (UKPC) took place in Kampala. Leaders of key population communities from all over the country discussed funding gaps and lack of involvement within the national HIV response together with representatives of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the AIDS Support Organization, the Infectious Diseases Institute and US funding partners PEPFAR and USAID.

In Uganda’s HIV response reaching key populations remains a major gap. Richard Lusimbo from Sexual Minorities Uganda commented: “We identified ways of working as a team to ensure that all our voices are heard in the HIV response in the country. This means that key populations need to take control of their own destiny.”

The UKPC was founded in July 2018 by PITCH partners in reaction to the continuous hostility towards key populations. These included the cancellation of the key populations’ conference and the interdiction of the participation of key population-led community based organisation representatives in the National HIV Response Conference in 2017 as well as a few raids by the police and the Ministry of Ethics in the headquarters of an LGBT organisation.

UKPC has a composition of key population-led civil society organisations and networks. Its goal is to support and coordinate advocacy, policy analysis, lobbying, monitoring and accountability efforts regarding the areas of HIV, health policy, and human rights. Today, UKPC has over 70 key population-led member organisations across Uganda and the number is growing.

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