Call for proposals: Reducing violence against sex workers

Call for proposals: Reducing violence against sex workers

Aidsfonds is inviting organisations led by sex workers to apply before 6th of December 2023. Aidsfonds is looking to fund 2 -3 organisations in Mozambique and 1 organisation in Zimbabwe for the period 1 January- 31 December 2024. The total available amount under this call is 140.000 euro for 2024, including €90,000 for Mozambique and €50,000 for Zimbabwe. Each application can consist of a minimum of 20.000 euro (small grants) and a maximum of 50.000 euro. Extension of the grant until mid-2026 is possible depending on the progress made.

This call for proposals is specifically for organisations based in Zimbabwe and/or Mozambique, that work towards better health and rights for sex workers.

What work can be done under this call?

Sex worker-led movement building, service delivery, advocacy and working with key stakeholders Hands Off aims to tackle structural barriers to HIV prevention and services to sex workers, reducing violence against sex workers. Applications may include movement building, organisational capacity strengthening and (peer-based) service delivery activities, such as community-led services, health services, and psychosocial and legal services. Activities to create an enabling environment through advocacy and campaigning and addressing stigma and discrimination are included in this call, as well as partnerships with and training of law enforcement officers. The call does not include activities to rehabilitate sex workers.

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We are pausing the call for proposals in Mozambique until further notice to reassess the priorities and to ensure that its' goals contribute to a sustainable impact in Mozambique.

The call for proposals in Zimbabwe is still open for submissions. 

For Mozambican organisations that have already submitted their application or are still in the process: you will get the chance to finalise or adjust your application at a later date. We will keep you informed. 

Find the full document on the call for proposals here.

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