#MyHealthMyRights: advocating for a healthy world for all

#MyHealthMyRights: advocating for a healthy world for all
Last updated on: 11 March 2024

With the upcoming UN High-Level Meeting on UHC 2023, this year is all about Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Universal health coverage aims to ensure that all people receive essential health services without falling into poverty due to high health expenses. We believe that UHC is critical for achieving a world without AIDS, and for realising sexual and reproductive health and rights for all.

In the run-up to the meeting, we launched the #MyHealthMyRights campaign to highlight the need for health for all, the importance of UHC for key populations –the barriers and opportunities they face-, and what changes we want to see in a healthy world for all.

Advocating for a healthy world for all

For the UN High-Level Meeting on UHC, the Love Alliance and YouthCare coalitions support partners and communities by amplifying their calls towards their governments to include marginalised and key populations in UN statements. To further support that, we call for stronger accountability and community engagement in the implementation of UHC.

We want UHC that is equitable and rights-based, includes comprehensive and good quality HIV services and is, first and foremost, meeting the needs of people who experience exclusion, such as children, young women, and girls, LGBTIQ+ people, people living with HIV, people who use drugs and sex workers.

We also want governments to get serious about investing in health systems that include self-care interventions, tools, and products, so that young people can take care of their own health in their own homes and when they need it. Read more about it in these reports on achieving universal health coverage for young people!

Make sure to follow the #MyHealthMyRights campaign and share your thoughts with us on what UN Member States should do to take your health and rights to heart!

Calling on UN Member States to achieve a healthy world for all

#MyHealthMyRights: Maximina Jokonya from Aidsfonds on Vimeo.