Launch of HIV Prevention Choice Manifesto for Women and Girls in Africa

Two girls together holding a Dapivirine ring
Last updated on: 13 March 2024

On 8th September 2023, Aidsfonds joined women-led- and community organisations, advocates, government officials and development partners to launch the HIV Prevention Choice Manifesto for Women and Girls in Africa. The manifesto calls for continued political and financial support for HIV prevention choice.

The HIV Prevention Choice Manifesto is a collection of voices of African women and girls in all their diversity, feminists and HIV prevention advocates across Southern and Eastern Africa who are united in the mission of having a future free of HIV for all daughters and women in Africa.

Aidsfonds supports the Prevention Choice Manifesto and believes that engaging adolescent girls and young women in meaningful ways, and providing real choice in HIV prevention, will empower them to prevent HIV. The potential impact on HIV prevention is huge with products like the vaginal Dapivirine Ring and injectable PrEP (CAB-LA), as it will fill a gap and will fulfill women’s preferences.

In the Empowering: Prevention by Choice project, we work together with the International Community of Women living with HIV Eastern Africa (ICWEA) and partners to contribute to a reduction in new HIV infections among women and girls in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. We do so through advocacy for approval and rollout of the Dapivirine ring and other prevention products; and awareness raising and demand creation among women and girls for new HIV prevention tools.


Download the Manifesto here