For all that is love, Aidsfonds’ new strategy launched

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Last updated on: 28 February 2024

We strive for a world where people no longer die from AIDS and where everyone enjoys good sexual health. A world in which everyone can love freely and without fear. We do this by working together with the people who are hit hardest by HIV, STIs, discrimination and exclusion. We strengthen their voice and support them with information, knowledge and funding. For all that is love.

This mission is the core of our organisational strategy 2022 – 2025: For all that is love. Standing up for human rights is our greatest motivation and working with communities as equals is at the heart of all our work.

Turning dreams into reality

In this strategy we strive to achieve three dream goals:

  1. No one dies of AIDS and no new HIV infections
  2. Sexual health and rights for all
  3. Cure available for all people living with HIV

Data plays an increasingly important role in everything we do. It’s crucial to continuously measure, adjust and substantiate our approach. Together with people living with HIV, communities most at risk of HIV and STIs, healthcare providers, funders, scientists and other collaborating partners, we developed a Theory of Change. This model reflects how we aim to achieve our three dream goals as an organisation and as such amplify our impact.

Read the strategy 2022-2025


Whether it is pioneering research on a cure for HIV, tracing children living with HIV or supporting communities that are excluded. What’s more appealing than solving a global issue together? It’s feasible, but we cannot do it alone. I cordially invite everyone who shares our dream and want to join  an inspiring movement. Join us, for the love of all!

– Mark Vermeulen
CEO Aidsfonds – Soa Aids Nederland