HIV Cure

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We’ve seen HIV arrive. We want to see it go. We are confident that finding a cure for HIV is possible – even though this demands intensive research, and a lot of time and money.

We look forward to the day when everyone has access to a cure for HIV, although it will be many years before we have a cure that is widely applicable. That is why we are joining forces with top researchers, communities, other donors and anyone else who wants to support finding a cure.

Why an HIV cure?

Finding a cure for HIV is a dream for millions of people living with HIV and is crucial to ending AIDS. Worldwide, five people have now been cured of HIV. They all have a special story and their therapy is not a viable option for people living with HIV without additional terminal illness. But their healing does give hope.

Aidsfonds has initiated a unique partnership to bring together the best HIV researchers, people living with HIV, data experts, HIV clinicians and nurses. Together, we drafted a research agenda with scientific priorities and a focus on the interests of people living with HIV. This gives us new insights that bring us one step closer to finding a cure.

What we do

A cure for HIV means that people no longer need to take daily medication, no longer need to receive routine checks at a hospital and that the stigma surrounding HIV disappears for good. This is our approach:

– Together with other donors, we fund pioneering scientific research into finding a cure for HIV.
– We make sure communities are closely involved in this research, so that potential cures are available and appropriate for everyone.
– We are raising awareness of how important it is to find a cure, with the aim of increasing our support base.
– We continue to build on our collaboration internationally. The goal is to bring the global cure for HIV closer to everyone.

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Donate for an HIV cure

Are you interested to invest in finding a cure for HIV? Please contact Monique Montenarie to learn about the possibilities to support groundbreaking research, community involvement or an African-Dutch talent program for young researchers. Or visit Strategic Partnership Support and Funding for HIV/AIDS Initiatives – Aidsfonds | Ending AIDS Together