Grants and funding

Grants and funding

Aidsfonds is a relatively small private foundation in the global AIDS response. It emphasises innovative projects where its engagement and impact can best be leveraged. Aidsfonds focuses especially on groups that have the greatest support needs, but which receive the least support.

 Thus, when choosing partners, community organisations and organisations of PLHIV and other vulnerable groups are preferred above other recipient entities (who may have more funding opportunities). Aids Fonds has adopted the GIPA principle, which means that PLHIV should be involved at every level of decision-making, including the conceptualisation, development and implementation of projects supported by Aidsfonds.

Aidsfonds funding is distributed via assessment procedures following calls for proposals on specific themes, often with a regional focus.

Any funding possibilities will be published here.

Aidsfonds call for proposals on improving treatment and care for children living with HIV

Aidsfonds is pleased to announce its 2018 Call for Proposals: improving treatment and care for children living with HIV in Mozambique, Nigeria and/or South Africa.

With this call, Aidsfonds aims to support civil society organizations to develop, implement and monitor an intervention model to find children exposed to HIV who are not found by the conventional health system approach. To find more children living with HIV that don’t know their status yet, and to find them as early as possible. Of course this will include a strong focus on PMTCT and the prevention of HIV in children. We ask for programs with both a research component and a service delivery component, with a civil society organization in the lead.

This call for proposals directly contributes to two of the five long-term goals identified in the Aidsfonds strategic plan: a strong reduction in new HIV infections and access to treatment for all people living with HIV.

Organizations that meet the definitions and criteria set by this call for proposals are invited to apply for a grant to support the proposed programmes for three years (2019-2021).

You can apply through the online application form. An example of this form is available here.

You can read the complete call here.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 17 September 2018 at 12:00 (noon) CEST.

Public-Private Partnership Call for Scientific Research towards HIV-Cure

Together we can reach a cure!

Finding a cure is possible but cannot be done alone nor in isolation. Therefore Aidsfonds and Health~Holland  are combining their efforts to accelerate research aiming at HIV Cure. With this call we mobilise two million euro for HIV Cure research. We call on researchers and private parties, such as bio-technology companies, medical devises companies, medical technology enterprises, ICT/ data analysis enterprises and pharmaceutical companies to apply for this call.

What are we looking for

We are looking for high quality research projects which will significantly contribute to a cure for people living with HIV. Projects should be a complementary and effective collaboration in a consortium consisting of at least one Dutch public knowledge institute and at least two private enterprises. International collaboration with research institutes or private enterprises are welcome. The applicant (project leader) must work for a widely recognised Dutch institute for scientific research, and should be a PhD scientist in the relevant discipline.

What you can apply for

In this call applicants can apply for scientific research grants for public-private partnerships aiming at HIV cure. A maximum project budget of €2.000.000 can be submitted, lower budgets are welcome too. Depending on the type of research this will result in maximum €1.200.000 PPP allowance and €100.000 Aidsfonds contribution for the research institute. Co-funding from private parties and research institutes are mandatory. With the funds available two Public Private Projects can be funded.

How to apply

Research proposals for the 2018 grants round need to be submitted via the online application form which will be active from the beginning of September onwards. Please find an example of the Application Form here.


General information                           

Submittal deadline: October 30, 2018 12:00 noon

Expected date deadline rebuttal: January 2019

Expected date of decision: April 2019

Start date project: Before September 1-st 2019

Project budget including co-financing: Maximum of € 2.000.000,-

Project duration: Maximum of 3 years  (preferably 2 years)



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Aidsfonds Grant Applications Regulations

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