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About us

As of 1 December 2016, STOP AIDS NOW! and Aids Fonds are going forward under the name Aidsfonds. Read more about what this involves.

We can stop the epidemic only if we focus on the people and regions most affected. For many years, Aidsfonds has played a pioneering role in focusing the AIDS response on those population groups who are affected the most by the HIV epidemic due to stigma and discrimination. We make a stand against injustice. We tackle hurdles that others cannot, will not or dare not attempt to overcome. We put topics on the agenda that others cannot, will not or dare not discuss and we give support to people who others cannot, will not or dare not support.

Our approach

  • We believe in local community solutions. People in the community know what does and doesn’t work in practice and are aware of the needs, sensitivities and challenges. That’s why we always put local communities at the heart of our programmes. 
  • We develop innovative approaches and put them into practice. And we fund promising projects. To find solutions for problems that have not yet been tackled. 
  • We work on the basis of what has been proven effective in the AIDS response and never on the basis of assumptions. Research is therefore an essential part of all our projects. We also fund scientific research in the field of HIV/AIDS. 
  • We lobby worldwide to put AIDS high on the agenda and to get sufficient funding. And we share any insights we gain. This empowers our partners and gives people the opportunity to stand up for their rights. 
  • We believe in a combination approach to a complex issue. To respond to AIDS in all different ways, we are both a source of funding and developer of our own projects with funds from other donors.


Knowledge sharing platform

A new website is under construction and expected to go live in the course of 2018. It will provide you with a wide range of knowledge tools which can increase the impact of your work. At the same time, it will serve as a platform for sharing your own tools.

The current STOP AIDS NOW! website will remain available until the new joint website is launched. Here you can find the programmes and projects initiated and implemented by former STOP AIDS NOW! and partners. Besides you can already find a vast selection of useful resources freely available for download.

Aidsfonds Supervisory Board:

  • Femke Halsema (chair)
  • Yvonne Wilders 
  • Cees 't Hart
  • Wiet de Bruijn
  • Roek Lips
  • Frank Miedema
  • Henry de Vries MD PhD
  • Yolanda Weldring
  • Anna Zakowicz

Board of Directors:

  • Louise van Deth

Management Team:

  • Stefanie van der Bruggen, Manager Communication & Fundraising
  • Febe Deug, Manager Policy & Programs
  • Irene Keizer, Manager Policy and Grants
  • Mark Vermeulen, Chief of Staff

Articles of foundation and regulations: