You(th) Care

You(th) Care

You(th) Care: a new self-care youth programme

Aidsfonds’ most recently kicked off project in regards to youth is Youth Care (2022-2025). You(th) Care is implemented in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia and will enable adolescents and youth (aged 10-25), especially girls and other vulnerable adolescents to advocate for and practice self-care for their SRHR needs and to increase access to (digital) self-care services and commodities.

The You(th) Care consortium

The You(th) Care consortium, consisting of 7 youth-led and youth-focussed partners (AYARHEP, WOFAK, NAYA in Kenya; CDF and NYP+ in Tanzania; CRZ and ZNYP+ in Zambia), 2 global partners (Y+ Global, ARASA) and 1 regional partner (PATA) is working together to reach the 2 major objectives of the project:

  1. Duty bearers and decision-makers improve, resource and implement laws and policies that respect, promote and realise adolescents' SRHR and HIV self-care needs;
  2. Adolescents and young people, specifically girls and those who are vulnerable, have increased access to quality SRHR and HIV community and public services, including access to self-care services and commodities.

Working in partnership

The first linking and in-country meetings have already taken place. For example, Y+ Global led several meetings with PATA and Aidsfonds to finalize the scorecard; a tool that will be used to track the youth friendliness and quality of health care providers, as well as the availability of self-care commodities. In the meantime Aidsfonds led on the development of the baseline survey, and partners are currently working on the branding of the project and a logo is in the making! 

Kick-off meeting in Tanzania

The consortium is excited to meet physically in June for the first time since the onset of the project. The meeting will take place in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam and will consist of proper face-to-face partnership building, capacity strengthening on advocacy for self- care, and a deep dive in monitoring tools to track the progress on both objectives of the project. Branding of You(th) Care is also on the agenda. So, to be continued… uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.