Vibrações Mozambique - Stepped Care Model

Vibrações Mozambique - Stepped Care Model


In this project a youth-friendly, pleasure-based website about love, sex and relationships has been developed. Staff from Universidade Católica de Moçambique and youth organization COALIZÃO were trained by WitsRHI, Maastricht University and Aidsfonds in multiple aspects of website development: Intervention Mapping, user research, multimedia content development, website management, website analytics and usability research. With these skills they have successfully developed and are able to maintain a quality website addressing sexual and reproductive health and rights needs of young people in Mozambique.

The meaning of Vibrações is “Vibrations”. The Vibrações website is a first step towards rolling out a Stepped Care Model approach and the build-up of a trusted youth brand in Mozambique. It’s connected to an already existing youth national helpline.

Project details

Time frame
01 April 2021 - 31 March 2022
€ 275,000
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As a nationwide youth brand, Vibrações aims to enhance Mozambican young people’s sexual health and reproductive rights by addressing their different needs in a youth-friendly way. This website together with the national youth helpline lays the foundation for a Mozambican Stepped Care model for SRHR.

In addition to website development skills, the trained staff also develop skills that are professionally relevant in this era of digitalization.

Community groups

All adolescents and young people between 10 - 24 years old, including young people living with HIV, young people who use drugs, teenage mothers, LGBTQI people.


Although Mozambique still has a low internet penetration, national mobile penetration rates show a steady increase in recent years. Currently, 74,3% of the population owns a mobile phone (Viamo, 2022). Furthermore, the country is one of the most heavily affected by the AIDS pandemic with poor access to HIV and SRHR information and services.

The topic of the training - development and use of websites for SRHR education and advocacy- is directly linked to the need for greater access to SRHR information and services for adolescents and young people. This is one of the priorities indicated for Mozambique, so that young people can make informed decisions about their lives.

Vibrações addresses issues that affect young people and adolescents in Mozambique, such as cases of sexual transmitted diseases, HIV, gender-based and domestic violence, premature or unwanted pregnancies, lack of correct information about contraceptives, among others. These topics are in line with the Mozambican country plan.


Partners in the consortium for website development are Associação Coalizão da Juventude Moçambicana (COALIZÃO), Universidade Católica de Moçambique (UCM) from Mozambique, WitsRHI from South Africa, Maastricht University and Aidsfonds in the Netherlands. The project has been implemented under the NUFFIC Orange Knowledge Programme funded by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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The Stepped Care model

The Stepped Care model for sexual and reproductive health provides a non-judgmental approach that is person-centred and responsive to the needs of young people, at the lowest possible cost.

It is a robust digital health ecosystem facilitating collaboration among stakeholders and integrating online and offline services for young people. Services that are non-judgmental, age-appropriate and sex-positive. Delivered just the way young people like it.

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Other youth brands under Stepped Care

Building upon 10 years of expertise of Stepped Care in the Netherlands with youth brand Sense, more brands are currently implemented internationally: B-wise in South Africa, One2One in Kenya, Vibrações in Mozambique and Tanya Marlo in Indonesia.

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