Towards an AIDS free generation in Uganda (TAFU2)

Towards an AIDS free generation in Uganda (TAFU2)

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We convinced Jariah to get back in care

“Jariah deliberately refused to take drugs for two months. She did not understand why she has to take drugs every day when actually she does not feel sick. After stopping  her drugs she fell sick and missed school sometimes.” Sabastian is community health worker in Ntungamo, Uganda. During one of his outreaches he found 14 year-old Jariah, who lives with her aunt Dinah after her parents had died of AIDS.

“I invited Jariah and her aunt to a community dialogue I had organized, where I introduced them to the district coordinator”, Sabastian continues. “Dinah asked the coordinator to visit the family to share her life experience with her niece. We went together and counseled Jariah about the benefits of adherence, challenges and outcomes of not adhering to medication. Jariah felt supported and gained hope. Convinced of the importance of adherence she promised not to miss medication again.”

How is Jariah currently doing? Sabastian remains in contact with both. “Aunt Dinah told me Jariah is doing well and has no problems anymore taking her tablets. She attends school regularly. I felt pleased when the aunt conveyed her thanks to me and the ARISE staff.” uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.