Towards an AIDS Free Generation in Uganda

Towards an AIDS Free Generation in Uganda

Grandmother stays resilient despite COVID-19 challenges

The pandemic have greatly affected 67-year-old Namusoke Scholastic, who lives in Uganda together with her three grandchildren. She has to walk more than five kilometers to the health facility to pick ARVs for her grandson every month. “Before COVID-19, I could use a “boda-boda” (motorcycle) but now they are not allowed to carry any passengers. I honestly feel challenged walking to pick refills for my grandson.” Scholastic narrates. Still she has never missed any appointment because she understands the importance of HIV treatment on her grandson’s life.

“We survive with what is available”

Scholastic has also been struggling to provide food for her grandchildren; she used to do gardening but that stopped because of back pains due to old age. “We survive with what is available, sometimes we don’t eat other times I can get something little to feed the children especially the one who is on ARVs  and needs to eat. It is even worse now that children don’t go to school”, she explains.

Scholastic is one of the caretakers through the assessment who was identified with a vulnerable child and benefited from the food distribution by Community Health Alliance Uganda with support from Aidsfonds. “We are so grateful for the posho and beans we have received today, I will be able to provide food and porridge to my grandchildren.” Scholastic concludes. "I'm particularly grateful to the community health volunteers who continuously visit us and have provided me with counselling on treatment adherence, and with information about the preventive measures of COVID-19."

Scolastic woth her grandson Scolastic woth her grandson

COVID Response Fund

Aidsfonds launched the 'COVID Response Fund' to support existing Aidsfonds grantees and partners in their urgent work to reach people in need. The fund is aimed at current partners to enable a rapid transfer of grants. Community Health Alliance Uganda (CHAU) applied for a grant. Among others through the funding they could support vulnerable households with food relief, HIV treatment adherence and with information about prevention of COVID-19.

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