Robert Carr Research Award (AIDS2018)

Robert Carr Research Award (AIDS2018)


The Robert Carr Research Award, established in 2014, and its accompanying Memorial Lecture (first held in 2012), celebrate Dr. Robert Carr’s enduring vision of community organizations, academic researchers and advocates collaborating to advance human rights-based policies and practices aimed at ending AIDS. The Robert Carr Research Award will be awarded to research projects from community-academia partnerships with the potential to inform advocacy efforts and evidence-based programs, thereby ensuring a rights-based HIV response. The Award is unique among those presented in conjunction with the International AIDS Conference, as it addresses the need for stronger community engagement in research.

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31 March 2018 - 31 July 2018
€ 10,000
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The aim of the prize is to highlight a research project conducted by a community-academia partnership in which all partners were equally involved in designing the study, collecting and analyzing the data and disseminating the results, and which has led to evidence-based programs and/or influenced policies in the field of HIV.


The Robert Carr Research Award celebrates Robert’s vision of collaboration between community organizations, academic researchers and advocates, to advance human rights-based policies and practices in countries where communities are disproportionately affected by HIV continue to face discrimination, social rejection, violence and imprisonment, often by government officials and agencies. Robert’s commitment to translating findings from research collaborations between community and academic partners into tangible policy development and advocacy efforts is the driving force behind this prize, which is announced at the biannual International AIDS Conference.

A rigorous body of scientific work is increasingly emerging from collaborations between community-based and academic researchers, spanning various disciplines. However, all too often, research projects end with the dissemination of research findings or an evaluation report, without developing or advocating for strategies that are required to transform national and local HIV responses by engaging with key stakeholders and decision-makers. Community-academia research collaborations combine the insight of community with the scientific rigor of researchers to achieve more relevant findings that can build the basis of evidence-based programs and policies. Community engagement in all stages of the response to HIV is crucial to strengthen human rights protections for communities affected by HIV.


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