Knowledge and learning

Report 19 October 2020

Fast-Track or Off Track: how insufficient funding for key populations jeopardises ending AIDS by 2030

Inadequate funding for key populations jeopardises the plan of eradicating the A...
Best_practice 06 October 2020

Change story - Growing a movement: uniting the Kenyan LGBTQI+ community

Since 2016, a group of LGBTQI Kenyans have been challenging the laws that are us...
Manual 05 October 2020

What does it take to achieve a gender transformative HIV response?

This guide gives HIV advocates and HIV civil society organisation...
Report 25 August 2020

Are we using the sustainable development goals’ monitoring systems enough?

This research summary highlights main findings of the report ‘Getting on Track...
Report 09 July 2020

Activism and AIDS: protect civil society's space to end the epidemic

The report, titled Activism and AIDS: protect civil society’s space to en...
Other 30 June 2020

Women living with HIV unite to challenge the World Health Organization in Uganda

Community-led advocacy and campaigning have changed the landscape of t...
Other 30 June 2020

Do you know how much HIV civil society engages with the Universal Periodic Review?

The goal of this report is to inform the work of those working with or planning ...
Report 28 May 2020

PITCH Annual Report 2019

The Annual Report presents the key successes and learnings from the penulti...
Other 27 May 2020

How to engage ‘non-community’ stakeholders in HIV programming for key populations?

Decision-makers and implementers play a significant role in policy-making and im...

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