Knowledge and learning

Report 09 July 2020

Activism and AIDS: protect civil society's space to end the epidemic

The report, titled Activism and AIDS: protect civil society’s space to en...
Other 30 June 2020

Women living with HIV unite to challenge the World Health Organization in Uganda

Community-led advocacy and campaigning have changed the landscape of t...
Other 30 June 2020

Do you know how much HIV civil society engages with the Universal Periodic Review?

The goal of this report is to inform the work of those working with or planning ...
Report 28 May 2020

PITCH Annual Report 2019

The Annual Report presents the key successes and learnings from the penulti...
Other 27 May 2020

How to engage ‘non-community’ stakeholders in HIV programming for key populations?

Decision-makers and implementers play a significant role in policy-making and im...
Other 30 April 2020

Does capacity development increase demand for health services and rights among key populations?

The African Institute for Children Studies (AICS) conducted a systematic literat...
Other 30 April 2020

COVID-19 and Gender - 4 ways to keep gender in focus

COVID-19 affects people differently depending on their gender and can increase t...
Other 17 March 2020

Towards integration of the HIV and AIDS response into universal health coverage

This research summary describes the main findings of the report 'Towards transfo...
Report 17 March 2020

The future of the global health architecture

This paper serves as a catalyst for discussion within civil society on how the g...

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