Violations of sex workers human rights during lockdowns

The Mozambican National Sex Work Platform, a sex workers-led initiative representing the community in all provinces of Mozambique, has released a position paper that showcases the increased abuse of human rights and violence against sex workers brought on by the state of emergency in Mozambique. This state of emergency was declared by the President to overcome the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic in Mozambique. 

The main idea behind this position paper was to shed light on how sex workers are being disproportionally affected by the measures in place imposed by the Presidential decree, specifically when it relates to their health, economic status, and businesses.


The state of emergency in Mozambique has led to an increase violence against sex workers by the police and other institutions in Mozambique


This was also an opportunity to share the activities by the Platform at provincial levels in engaging partners, including the police, to address challenges that sex workers face due to COVID-19. As result of these joint advocacy efforts, three main results were achieved: 

  • The position paper increased the visibility of joint work between organisations, leading to an increase in requests from organisations to join the platform as members. 

  • The first webinar on health and rights was organised with the purpose of discussing the impact of COVID-19 related measures on sex workers. 

  • Representatives from the National Sex Workers Platform were invited to join in the Ministry of Health and National AIDS Committee’s technical working groups for key populations. 

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